Chilly times in NYC PART1: The BK Museum

I went to visit some of my good friends in New York in January and actually saw some art.  Funny how I am all about it there but hardly ever go to galleries  and museums when I am in California, in art school.  

The first museum I went to was the Brooklyn Museum to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. Seeing it made me realize how absolutely gaudy a lot of his designs are but I do admire all of the textures and various materials in each outfit.   The show was trying to be too much, every fashion designer wants a McQueen-scale exhibition now.  There were singing and talking faces projected on each mannequin. So weird!!!  

I wandered downstairs and stumbled into the holy grail of feminist art, Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party, so many vaginas!!!

Also in the feminist art wing was Wangechi Mutu: A Fantastic Journey.  I had heard of the artist before but wasn't super familiar with her work, now I am a huge fan.  The show was so awesome  that I wanted to cry from happiness and then from sadness when a museum guard told me that Mutu (who lives in Brooklyn) had just given an impromptu tour of the show,  which I missed while I was looking at the silly fashion exhibition.  

An good review of A Fantastic Journey here:

The Brooklyn museum is sick, definitely one of my favorites!  The guards are incredibly chill and friendly when compared to most places, there is a huge variety of work to look at and it is usually less busy than the Manhattan museums.

Some more cool peeps in there:

Fred Wilson

Sanford Biggers

Kehinde Wiley